Animal Welfare

It still surprises many to hear that in order to produce milk an animal first needs to be pregnant – it’s one of the dairy industry’s biggest misconceptions and it’s a perpetual cycle of suffering! To meet the demands of modern high yielding dairy farming we push Britain’s farmed animals to the limit.


Dairy cows are portrayed as having an idyllic life but the reality is that cows (like all mammals) only produce milk for their young after giving birth. For seven months of the year most dairy cows are both pregnant, nurturing their unborn, while expressing milk from their last born solely for human consumption.


Goat’s cheese and milk is becoming increasingly popular amongst consumers; with many mistakenly presuming that the welfare problems inherent in the milking of dairy cows do not apply to goats. But the truth paints a disturbingly similar picture of death, mutilation and disease.

Campaigns & Investigations

Our campaigns and investigations into the dairy industry have exposed horrors beyond belief. Watch and learn the truth about what is considered 'standard practice' on a factory farm and see the positive impact of our outreach.

FAQs — Animals & Environment

What's wrong with milking cows? Doesn't the UK have high welfare standards? Is organic dairy the answer?

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