MooFree May 2018

As part of Viva!’s Scary Dairy campaign, we've launched a nationwide initiative called ‘MooFree May’ – to focus on encouraging the public to ditch dairy and try delicious dairy-free alternatives.

MooFree May

Hosting a series of fun events across five major UK cities during May 2018 - London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Edinburgh - we offered the public delicious samples of dairy-free products and distributed a range of dairy-free information including free recipes booklets, health and nutrition information and dairy-free mini guides.

Accompanied by a giant inflatable cow, we also showed the public how delicious a dairy-free diet can be, and urged them to take Viva!’s dairy-free pledge.

The Dark Side of Dairy

Keen to raise awareness of the dark side of the dairy industry we also ran a huge social media campaign.

We shared short videos, MooFree May branded animal welfare graphics from our shocking dairy industry exposé - spotlighting startling scenes captured inside British farms, as well as Viva!Health featured articles, exciting dairy-free products from the Viva! Store and tasty vegan recipes from our Vegan Recipe Club.

Social Media Toolkit

Download our graphics and share online, along with our MooFree May YouTube playlist.

Going Dairy-Free

The best thing to do in order to stop supporting the cruel dairy industry is to try dairy-free! It's easy, healthy and tasty. You can still have chocolate, cake, yogurt, cream, milk and cheese alternatives!

Get all the practical help you need from our Going Dairy-Free section and order your Everyone's Going Dairy-Free guide!

Viva! Guides and Reports

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 Going Dairy-Free Super Pack

Going Dairy-Free Super Pack

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