Mother's Day of Action

Get active for dairy cows, the hardest working mothers, in the run up to this Mother's Day!


Mother’s Day is just around the corner – 31 March!

We’re asking you to help us educate people and spread awareness about the plight of dairy cows, the hardest working mothers, in the days leading up to this important day.

Being both pregnant and lactating for most of the year, every year, is a gruelling task and dairy cows end up too exhausted or ill by the age of six.

These poorly mums are then sent off to a slaughterhouse to become cheap beef.

We’re using Mother’s Day to highlight the plight of dairy cows, mums who never get to keep their babies just so people can have their milk.


They don't want a card and a bunch of flowers – they want us to stop drinking their milk!


Will you help us spread awareness and encourage people to go dairy-free?

Order your FREE action pack!

We'll send you a pack of 100 Hardest Working Mother leaflets that you can hand out to people in busy places or use for door dropping. Door dropping means distributing leaflets by putting them in people's letterboxes. It's a gentle but effective form of outreach and it's also time-efficient - you can cover a street in just a few minutes. If you don't feel comfortable on your own, why not do it with a friend? 

If you'd like to take to the streets, please have a look at our Talk to People page for useful information.

Order you FREE action pack - click on the button below - by 26 March 2019

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Do you use social media?

Use our graphics below to change your Facebook and Twitter cover images to spread awareness. Also, don't forget to watch our social media channels - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - to share our posts as the day approaches!

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Would you like to hold a stall or street event?

Amazing! We will send you a special stall pack* with lots of free materials and useful information. Please have a look at our Organise an Event page first to make sure you're comfortable with this type of activism.

Also, check out the Talk to People page for some useful tips for successful outreach.

If you'd like the stall pack, please email and we will be in touch. 


*Please note: stall packs will only be available from 22 February so bear with us!

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