MooFree May Success Story

After last year’s success, as part of Viva!’s Scary Dairy campaign, we launched another month-long MooFree May initiative where we asked the public to ditch dairy.

Once again, the campaign was incredibly successful, reaching around 250,000 people online as well as 17,500 people on the streets.


Yet again, our campaigns team packed all our great campaigning props and set off for a road trip to London, Cardiff, Glasgow and Liverpool. In tow, were not only Viva!’s educational materials about the dairy industry, our eye-catching two-metre high banners and our big inflatable cow, but also delicious vegan chocolate samples (kindly donated by Moo Free chocolates) and vegan cheese (kindly donated by V-Bites).

Just like last year, we wanted to help the public discover the truth about dairy by watching Viva!’s hard-hitting undercover investigations and having positive conversations with our outreach team. But we wanted to take it even further, showing the public how good vegan products taste, including the product the majority of people find hardest to give up - CHEESE!

Our beautifully presented samples went down a storm. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be open for a chat about veganism when you get to munch a cracker with delicious vegan cheese and chutney? Not to forget our chocolate samples, which absolutely flew out. One of our many amazing volunteers took it upon themselves to ask parents with children whether she could give the kids free chocolates – who could say no? She then took the opportunity to educate the mothers and fathers about the horrible fate of dairy cows - having their babies taken away, while their children were happily eating cruelty-free chocolates. How poignant!

“Tastes just like cheese!”, “Tastes just like chocolate!” were by far the most common reactions to our samples. Jill from Cardiff was horrified to learn that calves are taken away from their mothers so that we humans can drink their milk, whatever the system! She decided there and then that she would not support this cruel industry anymore. She happily took our “Everyone’s Going Dairy-Free” guide and downloaded our Vegan Recipe Club app for a smooth start on her vegan journey.

Another special facet of this year’s campaign was that local activists could apply for a small budget to purchase dairy-free samples in order to entice shoppers for their own events! Our amazing supporters organised more than 20 MooFree May events around the country. Tony, who organised an event in Plymouth, said: “We had a successful day of outreach and many people were impressed with the plant-based samples we had on offer. We were pleasantly surprised by the response and look forward to holding another event!"

On top of taking our campaign to the high streets of Britain we also played it big online. Our posts and videos about the health benefits of going dairy-free, animal welfare issues in the dairy industry and the huge negative impact on our planet reached thousands of people. Did you know you could save the equivalent of 455 car miles, 284 showers and 26 days of central heating by switching to almond milk in a year?

Also our YouTube ad, which educates people about the killing of bull calves, seen as useless by-products of the industry, has reached over a million people now.

What a successful month of vegan activism! If you’d like to join us for a day full of fun and saving animals, sign up to our Street Action Network to stay updated about our upcoming events.

Going Dairy-Free

The best thing to do in order to stop supporting the cruel dairy industry is to try dairy-free! It's easy, healthy and tasty. You can still have chocolate, cake, yogurt, cream, milk and cheese alternatives!

Get all the practical help you need from our Going Dairy-Free section and order your Everyone's Going Dairy-Free guide!

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