Why You Don't Need Dairy — Guide




The definitive, go-to guide about all the reasons for going dairy-free.


Why You Don't Need Dairy — Guide


Written by Viva!’s director & founder – Juliet Gellatley, Why You Don’t Need Dairy is the definitive, go-to guide for those who want to go dairy-free, get informed (and healthy!) and find tasty alternatives.

Topics covered include:

- Is drinking cow's milk natural?

- Why drinking cow's milk is bad for our babies and for us

- How milk increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes, acne and cancers

- Milk’s got the lot – growth hormones, oestrogen, saturated fat and pus (yes, pus)

- The suffering of dairy cows and goats – and how it affects our health

- Why those who drink the least milk have the strongest bones

- Easy sources of calcium

All you need to know about milk - and why you’re better off without it.


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