Leaflets & Factsheets

TRASH Campaign — Leaflet

This great A6 leaflet is brilliant for spreading awareness of our Autumn 2018 campaign, TRASH. It's perfect for outreach events, stalls and door dropping.

Scary Dairy - leaflet

Scary Dairy — Leaflet

Viva! leaflet exposing the cruelty of the dairy industry. This leaflet is the updated version of our popular Dark Side of Dairy leaflet.

Think before You Drink - leaflet

Think before You Drink — Leaflet

New leaflet highlighting the unhealthy effects of drinking cow's milk.

Britain's Hardest Working Mother - leaflet

Britain's Hardest Working Mother — Leaflet

This leaflet reminds people that dairy cows are the hardest working mothers - producing huge amounts of milk whilst growing a calf inside.

Death by Chocolate (Cadbury) - leaflet

Death by Chocolate (Cadbury) — Leaflet

A leaflet detailing the horrors we found during investigations on farms supplying confectionery giant Cadbury.

Goodbye Baby - leaflet

Goodbye Baby — Leaflet

A small leaflet highlighting the fate of dairy calves and their mothers.

Goats' Milk - leaflet

Goats' Milk — Leaflet

This great little leaflet dispels the myths that goats' milk is more humane and healthier than cow's milk and details the commonplace cruelties of the goat milk industry.

Dairy-Free Pocket Rocket

Dairy-Free Pocket Rocket — Leaflet

Viva!'s handy mini guide (smaller than a business card) explaining why we don’t need dairy and how to be dairy-free.

Calcium factsheet

Boning up on Calcium — Factsheet

A handy factsheet summarising everything you need to know about calcium and your diet.

White Lies factsheet

White Lies — Factsheet

This factsheet summarises the main findings of the substantial White Lies report. Easy-to-read and straight to the point – find out why dairy is so harmful to health.

The Dark Side of Dairy - factsheet

The Dark Side of Dairy — Factsheet

All you need to know about dairy farming and why it's cruel to the animals. This factsheet outlines the fate of dairy cattle, farming practices and welfare issues.

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