Posters & Wallcharts

A4 TRASH Poster

TRASH Campaign — Poster

These A4 posters are brilliant for spreading awareness of our Autumn 2018 campaign and can be displayed in windows or used at outreach events.

Calcium-Rich Foods poster

Calcium-Rich Foods — Poster

This poster displays all the rich sources of plant-based calcium and how much an average portion provides. Ideal for kitchens and classrooms!

What I Need Each Day for Good Health

What I Need Each Day for Good Health — Wallchart

Inspiring, vibrant chart that details recommended portion sizes for each of the five vegan food groups and the essential vitamins and nutrients they provide. 

Vegan vitamins and minerals wallchart

Vegan Vitamins — Wallchart

Fun, colourful wallchart which shows you where to get all the nutrients you need from plants for a healthy, vibrant diet at a glance.

Scary Dairy — Poster Series

These four striking full-colour posters highlight the cruelty of the dairy industry as well as the health aspects of dairy consumption. 

Cut Out the Middleman — Poster

Make it clear why humans are not supposed to drink milk with this bold poster!

Cut Out the Middleman postcard

Cut Out the Middleman — Postcard

Help educate people with this eye-catching postcard!

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