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Would you like to organise a

street stall, an outreach event or simply do some leafletting?

street stall

Thank you for considering organising an event! It takes a bit of planning but is highly rewarding. 

We can send you leaflets in bulk, along with posters and other materials - please have a look at our leaflets and posters - and when you know what you might need, contact to order or ask for more information.

Here are a few practical points to consider:

> Permits:

If you are on foot and on public land, you most likely won't need a permit - however, it's best to check as some places don't allow even leaflet distribution. If you are on private land, you will need permission from the owner to be there – contact them to ask permission.

If you'd like to hold a stall with a table, you will need a permit from the local council. Every council has different rules so you need to contact them (they usually have permit applications online) and allow ideally more than eight weeks for the paperwork to be sorted out. Some councils work faster than others!

> Help on the day:

It's best to have a small group of people, at least three, to make things manageable. You may be busy talking to the members of public or distributing leaflets so the more volunteers you have, the better.

When talking to people, remember to stay calm and civil. We all know how frustrating it is when we are confronted with a challenging personality or silly arguments but it's crucial to maintain a level-headed attitude.

Find your local activist group here.

> Attract attention:

Think about how to make your event noticeable. It can be through posters/placards, someone dressed in a costume, acting out a simple but eye-catching scene, using a hashtag, wearing distinctive t-shirts, using an interesting prop or a big cuddly toy etc.

Product tastings have proven to be very popular - eg dairy-free chocolate, plant milks, ice cream, vegan cheese on crackers. These need to be hygienic so you'll need nitrile gloves (just like latex/surgical gloves but vegan) for serving and biodegradable plates, tubs or cups.

> Local media:

Let local newspapers know about what you're doing, they are often interested in covering events. We can send you a sample press release to help you get it right.

> Leave no trace:

Make sure you leave the place spotless with no leaflets on the ground and no rubbish.

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