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Ask your favourite cafe or restaurant to provide more dairy-free options!

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If you'd like to see more dairy-free, vegan options in your local café, bistro or restaurant, it's a good idea to send a letter or email their customer care department (please see the sample letter below) or simply ask. The very basic option should be plant milks for hot drinks and at least one vegan food item but many shops still need reminding!


Sample letter:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I like your café/restaurant very much but there’s one thing that makes me go there less often than I’d like to. Dairy-free options are very limited and because I don’t consume dairy, this is quite a significant problem. Many places now offer at least soya milk as a standard menu item and many drinks can thus be made dairy-free, including hot chocolate when the chocolate powder doesn’t contain dairy (it’s very easy to source dairy-free chocolate powder and many coffee shops now do so).

I would also appreciate if there was at least one more option on the food menu that’s suitable for everyone – for example:

- a sandwich with any of the following fillings: hummus and roasted vegetables; smoked tofu, vegetables and vegan mayo; cashew butter and vegetables; avocado, tomatoes and basil; dairy-free (vegan) cheese and chutney

- there are also many main dishes and desserts (including simple and delicious cakes) that would cater for the needs of most people (vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, egg-free) – Viva! have an excellent catering guide available here (free): www.viva.org.uk/viva-catering-guide 

I would really like to go to your café/restaurant more often and bring my friends, many of whom would also welcome the above options. Would you please consider my suggestions? I’m sure many people with allergies and intolerances would be grateful for another option or two as well.


Yours faithfully,


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